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Taipei MRT station invaded by army of bees

Bee careful: Fortunately, no passengers attacked or injured

A swarm of bees visited Taipei MRT Daan Station. (AP photo)

A swarm of bees visited Taipei MRT Daan Station. (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A swarm of migrating bees flew into Taipei MRT Daan station on Friday (Nov.19) morning but were evacuated within an hour, according to Metro Taipei.

Commuters in Daan MRT station were disturbed by hundreds of bees that gathered in the station's south area on the Wenhu Line. Station staff were informed at 9:40 a.m. and they notified the Taipei Animal Protection Office for bee removal.

Meanwhile, passengers were guided to another area to avoid the bees. The bee catcher arrived in 20 minutes and confirmed there were no bee hives on site. The removal process was completed in 30 minutes, a Metro Taipei spokesman said.

"Bees rarely drop by at Daan station, but we conducted a check. Also, we have a set of standard operating procedures to deal with related incidents to ensure passenger safety,” the MRT spokesperson added.