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Taiwan's first Metaverse yoga opens eyes

Designed by Stella Shih and Puzzleman, tickets sold out quickly

Taiwan's first Metaverse yoga kicks off on Dec. 12. (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)

Taiwan's first Metaverse yoga kicks off on Dec. 12. (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — One of Taiwan Creative Content Fest's (TCCF) exciting events, Metaverse yoga won over fans with live music and flow yoga last Friday (Nov. 12).

TCCF said in a press release the five-day-event presented over 800 television programs and films from 130 companies during a number of exhibitions and forums that ended Wednesday (Dec. 17). The organizer estimated deals from the event should total around US$36 million (NT$1 billion).

The TCCF activity titled “Garden Mingle — Field Practice” was curated by Double Grass studio. It took over the Baroque Garden at Songshan Cultural Creative Park and provided food stands, cocktails, concerts, and yoga classes, from Dec. 12-14.

Local yoga studio, the Median, offered three yoga sessions that were given the hot-topic theme of "Metaverse, Sun Salutation, Moon Salutation," with live music from Puzzleman. Tickets for the first Metaverse yoga show sold out quickly, so they had to open more spots, according to the founder of Double Grass studio Frank Huang (黃偉倫).

Median founder Stella Shih (石岱芸), also an award-winning graphic designer, said that "Metaverse yoga” was like flow yoga. “Meta has the meaning of self-transcendence, which is similar to the core spirit of yoga practice that explores the boundaries of humans awareness.”

Taiwan's first Metaverse yoga opens eyes
Puzzleman and Stella Shih at one of three yoga sessions. (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)

Dressed in a tight, white suit and wearing sci-fi style makeup that took three hours to complete, Shih joked that her friends said that she was too crazy to be a yoga trainer. They call her the Mandarin pop diva Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) of the yoga world.

As for the live music, Puzzleman performed tunes from his lo-fi hip hop album titled, “Please Use Before Sleep,” and some new tunes that that have not been released yet.

Puzzleman said that he hoped everyone would be soothed after the classes. “I have received letters from fans telling me that my music helped them get through chemotherapy and hospitalization— and I was very touched.”

He added that he wanted to comfort more souls with music and yoga. “I heard that our sorrow tends to hide in the hip joints, so if we open our bodies that sadness will go away.”

The participating yogis all received a 3D pyramid hologram for a future yoga practice at home. For more information, please visit the MEDIAN’s website.

Taiwan's first Metaverse yoga opens eyes
The magnificent fountain in the Baroque Garden at Taipei's Songshan Cultural Creative Park. (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)

Taiwan's first Metaverse yoga opens eyes
Stella performs a yoga pose. (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)

Taiwan's first Metaverse yoga opens eyes
If you feel stressed, give Puzzleman a go. (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)

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