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New Philippine envoy to Taiwan aims to bring two countries 'closer together'

Wilfredo B. Fernandez hopes to attract more Taiwanese businesses to Philippines

MECO Chairman Wilfredo B. Fernandez (center). Taiwan News photo

MECO Chairman Wilfredo B. Fernandez (center). Taiwan News photo

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The new Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO) chairman, Wilfredo B. Fernandez, has vowed to bring the Philippines and Taiwan “closer together.”

The new representative told Taiwan News that the two countries “are like brothers” and said that Taiwan is trying its best to overcome many challenges and “emerge victorious” on the international stage despite myriad obstacles.

He added that he is impressed by Taiwan’s infrastructure and praised Taiwanese for being well-mannered and well-educated.

To build a closer relationship with Taiwan, Fernandez said the Philippines hopes to gain access to “everything Taiwan has to offer,” including 5G technology, COVID testing, and logistics capabilities. He also mentioned that he hopes to attract Taiwanese businesses to the Philippines and encourage them to establish factories in the Southeast Asian country by improving the transfer of technology processes and passing related legislation.

Fernandez said that there are currently 29 out of 50 vetted Philippine students in Taiwan studying agriculture. The rest of the students will come once the first group graduates.

The two countries are also cooperating in organ transplant surgeries and Mandarin education, he said. Additionally, Taiwanese pork has recently been approved for export to the Philippines.

The representative pointed out that the Clark International Airport will make it easier for Taiwanese to travel to Manila.

Fernandez said he hopes to see the two countries “work as one,” adding that progress in bilateral relations is easily attainable — both sides just need to continue facilitating it.

New Philippine envoy to Taiwan aims to bring two countries 'closer together'(Photo/Taiwan News)