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Taiwan’s JustKitchen announces Philippines expansion

First Philippines ghost kitchens expected to begin operations during Q1 2022

(JustKitchen photo)

(JustKitchen photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Delivery-only ghost kitchen operator JustKitchen is extending its international footprint by expanding into the Philippines.

The Taiwan company will enter into a joint venture with TDG Ventures Inc. to form JustKitchen TDG, Inc. and be responsible for distributing JustKitchen products in the Philippines, according to a press release. JustKitchen TDG will have exclusive franchising and licensing rights for JustKitchen delivery brands, in addition to the right to sub-franchise to local operators.

The joint venture will set up the company’s Taiwan hub-and-spoke operating model and rent out spoke kitchens to sub-franchisees, JustKitchen said. Construction on the hub and spoke kitchens is expected to begin immediately with operations slated to start during the first quarter of 2022.

JustKitchen TDG will offer a mix of delivery-only Philippines and international food brands. The initial plan is to set up one hub and two spoke kitchens, with the goal of having one hub and 10 spokes by the end of 2022.

The company announced in early November that it is adding three more spoke kitchens in Taiwan with two in Taipei and one in New Taipei. This will bring the total number of JustKitchen locations to 21, including 20 in Taiwan and one in Hong Kong.

As for further overseas expansion, the company has plans to set up shop in Singapore and the U.S.