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Taiwan proposes 7-year prison term for deepfake porn images

Proposal follows investigation into activities of influencer who reportedly made NT$10 million

Taiwan is cracking down on deepfakes following a recent scandal. (Pixabay image)

Taiwan is cracking down on deepfakes following a recent scandal. (Pixabay image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Producers and distributors of deepfake footage replacing the faces of pornographic actors with those of other people could receive a prison sentence of up to seven years, according to a proposal unveiled by the Ministry of Justice on Wednesday (Nov. 17).

The authorities promised a crackdown after a web influencer faced charges for allegedly using the faces of celebrities in porn videos. He reportedly made NT$10 million (US$359,000) in profits from the illegal venture.

The proposed legislation foresaw different levels of prison sentencing depending on the nature of the crime, CNA reported. The seven-year maximum sentence would be reserved for the production and distribution of deepfake images with a profit motive, the Ministry of Justice said. It added that five years would be the maximum term if no payment was involved.

If a couple shot an intimate video and one of the partners distributed it without the other’s consent, the maximum prison sentence would be two years. The same verdict could also apply to someone who received such an image in the messaging app Line and distributed it to other users.

Updated : 2021-11-27 07:22 GMT+08:00