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Taipei homeowner accepting Bitcoin as down payment in first for Taiwan

Owner happy to negotiate on the final price

A physical token that visually represents a Bitcoin. (Getty images)

A physical token that visually represents a Bitcoin. (Getty images)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A homeowner who has listed his Taipei property for sale has said he is willing to accept the down payment in Bitcoin.

According to a report by DongSen Finance News (東森財經新聞), the owner, surnamed Lin (林), gave reporters a tour of his home and explained the details of the offer.

He pegged the opening price at NT$23,800,000 (US$855,546) and has indicated he is willing to negotiate to about 5% lower.

The home is situated in a leafy neighborhood in Shilin District, with the rooftop of the National Palace Museum clearly visibly from the balcony.

Regardless of the final settling price, Lin says he is happy to accept payment in Bitcoin. “You need to look at the global market when investing in cryptocurrencies,” he said when asked for his thoughts on the digital asset.

Lin said so far, only a few people have inquired about paying in Bitcoin. “Cryptocurrencies are still not used by that many people,” he said.

Lin said he became interested in cryptocurrencies after starting to invest in the stock market in 2017.

He said the decentralized digital currencies are slowly becoming regulated, especially since the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved a Bitcoin-based electronic trading fund in mid-October. American consumers can buy Tesla cars or movie tickets at AMC Theatres using a cryptocurrency, and adoption in Taiwan seems to be slowly heading in the same direction.

Updated : 2021-11-30 05:53 GMT+08:00