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Taiwan’s literary figures gather at Golden Book Award ceremony

Established and emerging authors celebrate and share about their writing journeys

“Farewell” author Chung Wen-yin takes grand prize at Golden Book Award ceremony on Saturday (Nov. 13). 

“Farewell” author Chung Wen-yin takes grand prize at Golden Book Award ceremony on Saturday (Nov. 13).  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taiwan Literature Awards held its Golden Book Award ceremony on Saturday (Nov. 13), during which “Farewell” author Chung Wen-yin (鍾文音) received her grand prize, and shared her writing experience with fellow authors.

Chung said winning the award with “Farewell” was both a happy and tragic event for her, as she had written the book as a “literary funeral,” and her writing journey was her journey of bidding farewell to her mother. She thanked the National Museum of Taiwan Literature (NMTL) and judges for bestowing the award, recognizing the transformation of her pain into words and of literature into a balm to heal her wounds.

Other Golden Book winners included: Hung Ai-chu (洪愛珠), Lo Chih-Cheng (羅智成), Chang Hsiao-hung (張小虹), Ping Lu (平路), Huang Chong-kai (黃崇凱), Hsu Chen-Fu (徐振輔), and Zhen Egoyan (伊格言). Additionally, three emerging authors, Chen Tsung-hui (陳宗輝), Apyang Imiq (程廷), and Hsu Chen-Fu (徐振輔) received the Flower Bud Award, propelling them into Taiwan’s literature world.

The Ministry of Culture (MOC) congratulated the winners and said this year’s judging had been especially tough, as the award saw a record 235 submissions. The MOC thanked the 14 judges for their hard work over the past few months and the NMTL for its promotion of literature and discovery of good books.

In an effort to create a better writing environment and preserve creative momentum, the MOC said it will continue to promote the culture of reading and encourage creativity, as well as support physical bookstores and help them adapt to the changing market.

The awards ceremony was livestreamed on the Taiwan Literature Awards’ Facebook page, where audiences may revisit the winners’ remarks about their writing experiences. Additionally, authors share their writing experiences and reflections in four Golden Book Seminars, the details of which can be found on the NMTL website.