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More than 100 experts attend Taiwan workshop on disinformation

Anti-disinformation meeting co-hosted by Taiwan, Japan, Slovakia

Graphic showing international cooperation. (GCTF image)

Graphic showing international cooperation. (GCTF image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A virtual Global Cooperation and Training Framework (GCTF) workshop being held Wednesday (Nov. 9) to Thursday (Nov. 10) is discussing disinformation and media literacy, according to the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT).

The GCTF was co-established by the U.S and Taiwan in 2015. As a cooperative platform to address global issues of mutual concern, it enables Taiwan to share its expertise with partners and enhances multilateral cooperation in the region.

The two-day event is the third GCTF workshop focused on disinformation and media literacy. More than 100 participants from both the public and private sectors of more than 20 like-minded countries were invited.

Workshop participants shared how governments and civil society have countered disinformation amid recent elections around the world.

AIT Director Sandra Oudkirk praised the efforts made by Taiwan, the U.S, and other democracies to fight misinformation. “By sharing lessons learned from past disinformation efforts against our electoral processes and counter-disinformation strategies from both a legal and civil society standpoint, we can together improve media literacy in our societies and strengthen our ability to defend democracy,” she said.

Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association (JTEA), the British Office in Taipei, and the Slovak Office co-organized the workshop.