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Taiwan warns Honduras of China's empty promises ahead of presidential election

Honduran opposition candidate pledges to establish relations with Beijing if elected

Foreign ministry Spokesperson Joanne Ou. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs photo)

Foreign ministry Spokesperson Joanne Ou. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Spokesperson Joanne Ou (歐江安) has stressed that Taiwan is a reliable partner to Honduras and reminded the Central American country to be wary of attractive but empty promises from China.

Ou reiterated on Tuesday (Nov. 8) that since Taiwan and Honduras established diplomatic relations 80 years ago, bilateral relations have been stable and amicable. She added that Taiwan’s contributions to the country have been welcomed by the Honduran people, government, and opposition parties, CNA reported.

Ou also said the ministry will continue to keep a close eye on the Honduran presidential election scheduled for Nov. 28.

The spokesperson pointed out that MOFA has complete control over Taiwan’s diplomatic affairs, despite China's non-stop efforts to diminish Taiwan's international space and foreign relations.

Ou said that the ministry will carefully strengthen communication with Honduras’ ruling and opposition parties and prove that Taiwan is a trustworthy partner. MOFA will remind the Central American nation to be cautious of China’s lip service and tactics to undermine Taiwan-Honduras relations, CNA cited her as saying.

The spokesperson said that the ministry will continue to work with like-minded countries to jointly bolster development in Honduras and consolidate bilateral friendship.

Honduran Liberty and Refoundation candidate Xiomara Castro previously said she would "immediately open diplomatic and commercial relations with China” if elected and that she will order audits of Honduras' domestic and foreign debts and "make readjustments."