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Taiwan foreign minister 'honored' to be on China's blacklist

Joseph Wu describes blacklisting by CCP as 'rare honor'

Foreign Minister Joseph Wu. (MOFA image)

Foreign Minister Joseph Wu. (MOFA image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The foreign minister on Saturday (Nov. 6) sarcastically tweeted that it was a "rare honor" to be placed on the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) blacklist.

The spokesperson of China's Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO), Zhu Fenglian (朱鳳蓮), said Friday (Nov. 5) that China will punish "secessionists" in accordance with the law and prohibit them and their families from entering China through Hong Kong and Macau. It will also restrict affiliated companies from working with organizations and individuals in China.

Zhu said China will never allow those on the blacklist or their enterprises and investors to profit from the communist country and that it will take other "necessary disciplinary measures." When asked by state-run media who would be banned, she identified Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌), Legislative Yuan Speaker You Si-kun (游錫堃), and Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu (吳釗燮) as among the "diehards."

That same day, Su responded to being blacklisted by saying that China has no right to meddle in Taiwan's affairs. “These are outsiders who have not been in Taiwan for even a day simply pretending they can tell us what to do," said Su, according to the China Times.

On Saturday, Wu posted on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Twitter account saying he had received "countless notes and congratulations" after being blacklisted and sanctioned for life by the regime in Beijing. He joked that "Many are jealous for not being recognized" and had asked how they could apply to be included on the list.

Wu closed by pledging to "deserve the rare honor," adding that he will continue to fight for Taiwan's freedom and democracy. A Twitter user who goes by the handle Formosan Afro had the top comment: "I'm envious of you, Foreign Minister. I wish my name was on the list."

Other Twitter users expressed their envy at Wu's membership in the elite club:

"Where can I apply? Listing only three names is too ridiculous!"

"Congratulations! Seeing as how everyone is so envious and jealous that they want to join, the CCP should relax its standards so that the people of Taiwan have the opportunity to participate in the grand event!"

"Is there an official blacklist which can be found? After CZ senate delegation, we have been told to be on the blacklist but did not receive any official confirmation. Wish I could have it. Stay strong and all the best."

"Anyone knows how to apply for this honored list? Please!!"

"Congratulations for the lifetime achievement award."

"I'm also doing my best to get this."