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2nd annual Chopin Outdoor Piano Recital warmly received by Taiwanese audience

Polish pianist Kamil Tokarski receives standing ovation for mesmerizing performance at Daan Park

Polish pianist Kamil Tokarski onstage. (Taiwan News, Kelvin Chen photo)

Polish pianist Kamil Tokarski onstage. (Taiwan News, Kelvin Chen photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The second annual Chopin Outdoor Piano Recital was successfully held on Sunday (Nov. 7) at Daan Park and was very well received by locals.

Co-organized by the Polish Office in Taipei, the Taipei City Government, and Frederic Chopin Foundation of Taipei President Anna Fujita, the performance was a reflection of the free, open-air concerts that are part of the Polish tradition, Polish Office acting head Bartosz Rys said.

Polish pianist Dr. Kamil Tokarski played for nearly an hour, lulling the audience with a medley of Chopin’s greatest works. Tokarsky, who lives in Taiwan, has organized several Polish classical music festivals in different cities around the nation, according to Rys.

“We wanted to bring this tradition of shared joy of outdoor music with the audience in Taiwan,” he said, adding that the office also wanted to “reach people who normally don’t go to classical music concerts.” Rys said the concert was held that specific day because it was close to Poland’s Independence Day (Nov. 11).

He mentioned that Poland is also the host of the International Chopin Piano Competition, “one of the world’s most prestigious competitions in classical music in the world.” Taiwanese contestants had advanced to the second stage of this year’s competition, which recently concluded, he said.

Rys also expressed gratitude to Zoey Huang (黃瑞芬) for her promotion of all things Chopin in Taiwan and to Oliver Chang for lending a Fazioli piano, frequently called the “Ferrari of pianos.”