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Czech think tanker calls for 'one Taiwan policy'

Jakub Janda says European leaders can 'engage with Taiwan in anyway we want'

Map showing Taiwan as separate country from China. (Twitter, Jakub Janda image)

Map showing Taiwan as separate country from China. (Twitter, Jakub Janda image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Czech think tanker on Thursday (Nov. 4) took to Twitter to call for his country to adopt a "one Taiwan policy" and uploaded a map making it clear that Taiwan is a separate country from China.

During a trip by European Parliament members to Taiwan, Jakub Janda, director of the Prague-based European Values for Security Policy think tank, posted a tweet directed at European leaders. He described Taiwan as a "friendly liberal democratic state with functioning rule of law."

Janda then called on European leaders to declare a "one Taiwan policy." He indicated that a "one China policy" can continue that recognizes the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) "now occupy the continental territory."

However, he said that with the new policy toward Taiwan, European governments could engage with the country in "any way we want." To hammer the point home that Taiwan is not governed by Beijing, he included a map with the word "China" in bright yellow font and the country colored bright red, while Taiwan was colored blue with a label which read "Not China (This is Taiwan)."

Janda has been a strong advocate for Taiwan over the past two years. He has voiced support for Prague Mayor Zdenek Hrib's suggestion in 2019 to send the city's philharmonic orchestra to Taiwan after its trip to China was canceled by Beijing in retaliation for refusing to exclude a Taiwanese diplomat.

That year, he also supported a letter signed by 55 members of the Czech Republic's parliament asking the World Health Organization (WHO) to allow Taiwan to participate as an observer at the upcoming World Health Assembly (WHA).