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Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue attacked for ‘Taiwanese accent’ by Chinese netizens

Taiwanese accent triggers threats of violence from nationalist netizens

Shawn Yue. (Weibo photo)

Shawn Yue. (Weibo photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue (余文樂) has taken heat from Chinese netizens who disapprove of his allegedly "heavy Taiwanese accent" since he spoke in Mandarin in a recent vlog post.

Weibo users left a barrage of critical comments after his new video, titled "Inside Out" (我的故事,我從這裏講起), was posted on the platform on Tuesday (Oct. 26), according to Singapore-based media outlet Mothership.

Some of the harsher comments included:

"The way you speak is so fake, it makes me uncomfortable and want to give you a smacking."

“The way you talk is so annoying."

"(Yue) lived in Taiwan for a long time. Now (his) Taiwanese accent is so heavy..."

"There's only one thing on my mind. The strong Taiwanese "smell" that permeates your Mandarin is overbearing!"

The celeb was not spared the wrath of China’s ultra-nationalists despite Yue describing himself as an actor from Hong Kong, China, on his Weibo profile and having demonstrated his apparent patriotism for China on many occasions through the platform. These posts included wishing the country a “happy birthday” on Oct. 1, expressing support for Xinjiang cotton, and stating "Hong Kong returning to China is a fact," per Mothership.

Yue’s son also made an appearance in the video, which brought more criticism from some viewers who pointed out that he also spoke in a Taiwanese accent. Netizens speculated that Yue and his son were under the influence of Yue's wife Sarah Wang (王棠雲), a Taiwanese actress.

Yue has been living in Taiwan for several years and owns a luxury apartment in Taipei, according to Malaysian Chinese-language media outlet China Press.