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Beijing cracks down on extracurricular classes in its tutoring sector

Adult tutoring services reportedly next to be hit with rulebook

Chinese schoolchildren peruse their textbooks. 

Chinese schoolchildren peruse their textbooks.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — In the latest development in China’s expanding crackdown on the private sector, Beijing is clamping down harder on tutoring companies that offer extracurricular classes.

The Beijing Municipal Education Commission has come to the decision that ads for non-curriculum tutoring services fall under its regulatory umbrella, according to Caixin.

The commission’s aim is to halt tutoring companies from marketing their services involving subjects that lie outside the curriculum to school-age children. Sports, music, art are among those being targeted.

What’s more, the municipal authorities are also prepping additional regulations to target the tutoring companies themselves, inside sources told Caixin. Until now, this subset of the market has managed to avoid new regulations that have hit the broader education sector.

There are other new rules in the pipeline in other parts of the country. Zhejiang Province, for example, is reportedly planning to enforce a kind of curfew on all extracurricular classes that will see them end by 8:30 p.m. each night, per reports.

This may hit Chinese education companies hard, seeing as many cram schools that focused on curriculum-based tutoring services have been migrating to extracurricular subjects since the central government rolled out its “double reduction” policy in July. The policy is aimed to not only reduce the burden on students at home by limiting the amount of homework but also promote equality in the sector, according to China Daily.

Yet there could be even more rules to come. Besides hitting extracurricular classes for school-age students, officials are now also discussing new regulations on adult tutoring classes, including vocational courses.

Updated : 2022-05-19 01:37 GMT+08:00