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Vive Flow VR headset from Taiwan's HTC to hit shelves Nov. 1

New headset to cost NT$14,990 in Taiwan

HTC VIVE Flow. (HTC photo)

HTC VIVE Flow. (HTC photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese electronics brand HTC has announced that its new VR model, the HTC VIVE Flow, will hit the market on Monday (Nov. 1).

The news comes amid renewed interest in virtual reality and augmented reality products with the rise of the “Metaverse” in the wake of Facebook’s recent announcement that it will change its name to “Meta" to reflect the company’s ambitions to build a "metaverse."

The VIVE Flow can be paired with Android mobile phones or provide complete VR app content, per reports.

The glasses may be the best bet for those who want to experience the immersion of a movie theater without leaving their home. Through the MiracastTM system or Firefox Reality browser, users can stream content from their phone to VIVE Flow, be it Netflix dramas or YouTube videos.

Those who cannot travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic can pop the goggles on and engage in immersive meditation with apps like TRIPP or open up MyndVR to virtually visit the scenic American Route 66 or the shores of Balinese beaches in seconds, per reports.

The immersive VR glasses weigh roughly 189 grams, have a 100-degree field of view, and boast full 3D spatial audio that can link up to Bluetooth earphones too. The price of the new gadget in Taiwan will be NT$14,990 (US$539), per reports.

Updated : 2022-01-22 20:20 GMT+08:00