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Weather to turn warm again in Taiwan starting Thursday

Northeast Taiwan sees limited rain, southwest Taiwan temperatures to drop at night over the weekend

Northeastern winds continue to bring sporadic showers in windward areas.

Northeastern winds continue to bring sporadic showers in windward areas. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — While the northwestern monsoon continues to bring rain to north and east Taiwan over the weekend, winds will shift direction and the weather will warm up again starting Thursday (Nov. 4).

According to Central Weather Bureau (CWB) reporter Chu Mei-lin (朱美霖), Saturday (Oct. 30) morning saw the coldest temperatures so far for this wave of the monsoon. As the high-pressure center over China moves east into the Pacific early Sunday morning (Oct. 31), the weather will turn notably cooler, reaching 18-20 degrees Celsius in northern and eastern Taiwan and 21-22 C in other areas.

Temperatures around coastal areas and plains near mountains may see temperatures further lowered by 1-2 C, said Chu. Residents of southwestern Taiwan should be aware of temperature drops at night.

CNA quoted weather expert Wu Der-rong (吳德榮) as saying the northwestern winds will continue until Wednesday (Nov. 3) and then generally turn southwestern, bringing about more persistent weather conditions. Temperatures are expected to rise, and there will still be short, sporadic showers in eastern and mountainous areas.

However, between Saturday and Wednesday, there will be increased chances of light rain in windward areas.