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Mobile wallet service Line Pay nears 10 million users in Taiwan

Transactions in first three quarters of 2021 grew by over 90%, surpassed NT$68.2 billion

The Line Pay interface will get an overhaul in the new update. (Line Corporation photo)

The Line Pay interface will get an overhaul in the new update. (Line Corporation photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — In the first three quarters of 2021, mobile wallet and digital payment service Line Pay accumulated 9.8 million users and saw over 146 million transactions worth a total of NT$68.2 billion (US$2.45 billion), growing by over 90% year-over-year.

In an announcement on Thursday (Oct. 28), Line Corporation said there has also been growth in payments through physical Line Points reward debit or credit cards, with over 170 million transactions, totaling NT$213.4 billion, taking place in the first three quarters of 2021. “This shows that Line Pay has reached deeply into the everyday lives of its users and continues to win users’ trust,” wrote Line.

Currently, over 320,000 merchants accept Line Pay as a payment method, said Line.

The service gained popularity not only for the convenience of paying through one of the most common mobile phone apps in Taiwan but also for the Line Points rewards. Each point is worth NT$1 and may be used on purchases, Line’s in-app sticker and theme shops, and various coupons.

Line also announced a major update to Line Pay, which currently shares the same sign-in portal as iPass, meaning whenever iPass suffers a login system error, Line Pay users are also affected.

In the new update, which will be released on Tuesday (Nov. 2), Line Pay will get its own sign-in portal so that users can log into the service even if iPass is down. However, this means that Line Pay users who already have an iPass digital payment account will need to create a new password specifically for Line Pay.

The Line Pay interface will also get an overhaul in the update, with iPass and non-iPass features to be separated more clearly, while icons for other services will be cleaned up.

As a way of encouraging users to update the app, Line announced that anyone who updates within eight days of the new version’s release will receive Line Points coupons worth NT$60.