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Rain expected in northern Taiwan beginning Saturday

Northeasterly monsoon to impact weather over coming week

(CWB photo)

(CWB photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Chances of rain in northern Taiwan will increase from Saturday (Oct. 30) as the northeasterly monsoon becomes the dominant factor affecting the weather in the country in the coming week, according to the weather forecast.

Central Weather Bureau forecaster Kuan Hsin-ping (官欣平) said the northeasterly monsoon began to strengthen on Thursday (Oct. 28). Due to the seasonal winds, low temperatures in the north on Friday (Oct. 29) and Saturday will be one to two degrees Celsius lower than Thursday’s, hovering around 18 and 19 degrees.

Meanwhile, lows in central and southern Taiwan are forecast to be around 20 and 22 degrees, respectively, CNA reported. Except for low temperatures in the early morning, daytime highs in central and southern Taiwan will hover around 30 degrees on Friday.

Highs in the north and northeast are expected to be around 24 to 25 degrees. Without abundant humidity, rain is unlikely to be an issue Friday, Kuan added.

As humidity will increase from Saturday to Wednesday, precipitation will become more apparent, especially in the north and northeast. Low temperatures in the early morning during this period will hover around 20 degrees, according to the forecaster.

From Nov. 4, chances of rain will decrease, with showers possible only in the wind-facing eastern side of the country, Kuan said.