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Migrant care worker busted for kitchen work in southern Taiwan

Violators of Employment Service Act could face maximum fine of NT$150,000

(National Immigration Agency Taitung office photo)

(National Immigration Agency Taitung office photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The National Immigration Agency (NIA) recently booked an Indonesian home care worker for doubling as a cook at a restaurant run by her employer in southern Taiwan, and both of them face heavy fines.

The NIA’s Taitung office said in a press release on Thursday (Oct. 28) that the Indonesian woman, identified as “Arnie” (阿妮), works at the home of the restaurant owner, taking care of seniors in the family, CNA reported. However, as the number of tourists in Taitung has increased in recent times, Armie’s boss turned to her for help with cooking in the restaurant’s short-staffed kitchen.

Arnie was so good at the job that many regular customers showered her with praise. The local NIA office received tips and went to the restaurant to investigate, along with officers from the Taitung County Police Bureau’s Dawu Precinct.

What they found they deemed to be a violation of the Employment Service Act, and authorities referred the case to the Taitung County Government to mete out a penalty, the report said.

NIA Taitung office director Huang Chih-ming (黃志明) told the media that Arnie liked to cook seafood for her family and friends back in Indonesia, so she took the opportunity to help her boss without realizing it was a violation of law for both parties.

Huang called on employers across the country to refrain from assigning migrant workers to do jobs outside their legal purview. If caught, they will face a maximum fine of NT$150,000 (US$5,172) for breaching the Employment Service Act.