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Chung Wen-yin's 'Farewell' wins Taiwan’s Golden Book Grand Prize

National Museum of Taiwan Literature announces Golden Book Award winners

Winners of the 2021 Taiwan Literature Awards. (National Museum of Taiwan Literature screenshot)

Winners of the 2021 Taiwan Literature Awards. (National Museum of Taiwan Literature screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The National Museum of Taiwan Literature (NMTL) announced the winners of the 2021 Taiwan Literature Awards on Thursday (Oct. 28), including Chung Wen-yin (鍾文音) as the Annual Golden Book Grand Prize winner, plus seven Golden Book Award and three Flower Bud Award winners.

After two rounds, the winners were selected from a pool of 235 submissions. Chung’s “Farewell,” published by RyeField Publishing Co., earned her NT$1 million (US$35,966.32) in prize money and was described by the judges as “a magnificent, 410,000-word send-off,” according to the NMTL.

The other Golden Book winners, who will receive NT$150,000 each, include Hung Ai-chu (洪愛珠) for “Old-School Taipei Girl’s Shopping List,” Lo Chih-Cheng (羅智成) for “Desolate Candy Store,” Chang Hsiao-hung (張小虹) for “The Wigs of Eileen Chang,” Ping Lu (平路) for “The Gaps,” Huang Chong-kai (黃崇凱) for “The Formosa Exchange,” Hsu Chen-Fu (徐振輔) for “Taming Sheep,” and Zhen Egoyan (伊格言) for “Zero Degrees of Separation.”

Winners of the Flower Bud Award, which recognizes up-and-coming authors publishing for the first time and comes with a NT$150,000 prize, include Apyang Imiq (程廷) for “From a Tree Hollow,” Chen Tsung-hui (陳宗輝) for “The Farthest Place I've Been,” and Hsu Chen-Fu (徐振輔) for “Taming Sheep.”

The judges said the 10 works that won awards this year share a common theme, with authors reviewing their lives honestly and conversing with history and culture.

The awards ceremony will take place on Nov. 13 at the Hilton Taipei Sinban Hotel and will be livestreamed on the award’s Facebook page. Additionally, winning authors will be sharing their writing experiences and reflections in four Golden Book Seminars, the details of which can be found on the NMTL website.