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Taiwanese woman recovers NT$70,000 from landfill

Relatives had mistakenly thrown out woman’s savings

Taiwanese woman recovers NT$70,000 from landfill

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Yunlin County woman on Tuesday (Oct. 26) beamed with joy and thanked the cleaning crew for digging out her NT$70,000 (US$2,414) in cash that had been mistakenly thrown into a garbage truck by her family and ended up in a landfill.

The woman is reportedly very thrifty, and she put her savings in a used paper box, CNA reported. To prevent the cash from being stolen, she wrapped the container in a used fertilizer bag.

However, on Monday night, she discovered that the fertilizer bag was gone and began to search for it around the house. After asking her family, she was told that the bag had been thrown into a garbage truck as trash, according to the report.

The woman immediately sought help from the local borough chief. Considering that it was dark outside, the borough chief made a phone call to the local cleaning team to make sure garbage collected that night had been dumped into the landfill.

The chief asked the garbage truck driver responsible for the route to mark the spot where the refuse was dumped. He then made an appointment with the cleaning team to meet at the landfill the next day in order to search for the lost cash, the report said.

The woman was so worried about losing the cash that she could not sleep, and she asked her son to take her to the landfill early Tuesday morning. The cleaning crew used a backhoe to dig through the garbage, and in less half an hour, the fertilizer bag was found, delighting the woman.

Xiluo Township Cleaning Team chief Lu Pei-yuan (呂佩原) told media that the team has in the past assisted people in finding mistakenly discarded items such as cash, gold ornaments, and expensive fake teeth, per CNA.