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Philippines included in WHO trials of Taiwan's Medigen vaccine

WHO to hold Phase III trials for Medigen in Philippines, Colombia, and Mali

Medigen vaccine packaging and syringe. (Chang Gung Medical Foundation photo)

Medigen vaccine packaging and syringe. (Chang Gung Medical Foundation photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The World Health Organization (WHO) is including Taiwan's domestic COVID-19 vaccine developed by Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp. (高端疫苗, MVC) in Phase III trials to be conducted in the Philippines, Colombia, and Mali.

On Tuesday (Oct. 26), the WHO announced that it will include Medigen in the organization's Solidarity trial after having selected it from a field of 20 candidates. The Phase III trials for the vaccine will be operated by the health ministries of the Philippines, Colombia, and Mali.

Research teams in the three countries have already begun recruiting volunteers for randomized clinical trials. Research teams will carry them out at 40 sites across the three nations.

According to the WHO, its independent vaccine prioritization advisory group considered 20 vaccine candidates before narrowing down the field to two. In addition to the protein subunit vaccine made by Medigen, American biotechnology firm Inovio's DNA vaccine that encodes the spike protein will also be tested.

On Sept. 13, the food and drug regulator of Colombia announced that it would conduct clinical trials on vaccines by Medigen and Inovio. On Oct. 20, a consent form appeared on the WHO website listing Medigen among the four latest vaccine candidates in the organization's Solidarity trial.

New Zealand on Oct. 3 became the first foreign nation to include Medigen on its list of approved vaccines, and it was followed by Palau on Oct. 7. On Monday (Oct. 25), news broke that Vietnam is considering including Medigen on its list of vaccines that would enable travelers to enjoy a reduced quarantine.