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Australia will support US response if China attacks Taiwan: Australian defense chief

When asked if Australia will be at war with China in future, Dutton said question better directed to Chinese side

Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton.

Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton. (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Australia's Defense Minister Peter Dutton said in a recent media interview that Australia will stand with the U.S. in the event of China launching a military attack on Taiwan.

Sky News Australia on Sunday (Oct. 24) aired an exclusive interview with Dutton, in which the Australian defense chief revealed his country’s position were China to attempt an invasion of its smaller neighbor.

When asked if Australia would be at war with China at some point in the future, Dutton said, “China’s been very clear about their intent with regard to Taiwan.”

“Equally, the United States has been clear about their intention toward Taiwan. Nobody wants to see conflict, but that really is a question for the Chinese,” the defense minister continued.

Dutton said that if China were to try a military attack on Taiwan, Australia would look to the American response and side with its ally as has been common practice for over 70 years.

Dutton’s comments resonated with a statement by Prime Minister Scott Morrison in May, when he said that in the event of a Chinese attack on Taiwan, Australia would support the U.S. and its other allies.