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Remains of missing hiker found in central Taiwan reservoir

Victim had been swept away by currents while crossing river

(Taichung Fire Bureau photo)

(Taichung Fire Bureau photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The remains of a hiker surnamed Lee (李) who was taken by currents while crossing a river on a hike in central Taiwan on Oct. 11 were found in the Deji Reservoir on Sunday (Oct. 24).

The Taichung Fire Bureau said in a press release on Sunday that they received reports on Oct. 11 that Lee, 54, had been swept away near the confluence of the Dajia and Arikatsu rivers in Taichung’s Heping District.

Lee had gone on a day trip with a woman he knew through the internet, according to the bureau. The accident happened while Lee was crossing the Arikatsu river during the return trip on the trail linking Mt. Luoyewei in Yilan County with Mawuzuoyequn Mountain.

The bureau dispatched personnel and equipment to search for Lee. According to the bureau, the search and rescue team found Lee’s backpack by the riverside of an upstream tributary of the Dajia River near a hotel in Wuling Farm on Oct. 15, and they continued the search down the river.

On Sunday morning, the team retrieved the missing hiker's remains downstream, around where driftwood gathers in the Deji Reservoir.

Updated : 2022-01-19 10:48 GMT+08:00