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Council of Agriculture relaxes eating ban on Taiwan recreational fishing vessels

Local city governments are authorized to allow eating, drinking on recreational fishing vessels

People onboard recreational fishing vessel. (Agriharvest, Turumoan photo)

People onboard recreational fishing vessel. (Agriharvest, Turumoan photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Council of Agriculture’s Fisheries Department has decided to relax the eating ban for recreational fishing vessels.

In principle, food and drink are still prohibited onboard ships, but local governments are authorized to allow it, depending on the COVID situation, UDN reported. The number of people each fishing vessel can carry per trip is the total number of registered crew members, in addition to a fixed number of passengers, per UDN.

Local governments still have to reduce the total number of people on board ships, comply with the real-name registration system, temperature checks, sanitation regulations, and eating rules. If a person needs to drink water, they must put their mask back on as soon as possible after drinking.

Chiayi County Government has concluded that recreational fishing boats are not fully enclosed spaces. Thus, as long as the crew keeps cabin doors and windows open to maintain a well-ventilated environment and abides by the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s "Catering Industry Pandemic Prevention Management Measures," it can provide catering services on board.