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Taiwan-Korea musical ‘Huiyin’ to play at National Taichung Theater

Musical tells story of trailblazing early 20th century feminist icon Lin Hui-yin

“Huiyin” is co-produced by Taiwanese and Korean artists. (Quanta Art Foundation photo) 

“Huiyin” is co-produced by Taiwanese and Korean artists. (Quanta Art Foundation photo) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The musical “Huiyin,” co-created by Taiwanese and South Korean talents, will make its debut in Taiwan at the National Taichung Theater in November, according to the Quanta Art Foundation.

In cooperation with C MUSICAL, the foundation invited famous S. Korean director Seo Jae-hyung, screenwriter Han A-reum, and Taiwan composer Chang Hsin-tzu (張芯慈) to create the musical. It features 22 songs and interprets the love life, talents, and achievements of Lin Hui-yin (林徽因) in the early 20th century.

Lin shone not only for her delicate appearance but also for her talent in literature, art, and architecture. After studying abroad in the U.S and becoming the first major female architect in Chinese history, Lin and her husband Liang Sicheng (梁思成) returned to China.

They held literary salons and introduced Western culture, making their home an important venue for cultural exchanges in that era. However, what has made Lin well-known across generations was her romance with poet Xu Zhi-mo (徐志摩).

Rather than focus on the relationship with Xu, the musical centers on Lin’s lifelong pursuit of her ideals and aesthetics. Actress Chen Pin-ling (陳品伶), who plays the lead role, said the play highlights Lin’s regard for the restoration and preservation of Chinese historical buildings, as well her courage to break the traditional framework for women.

The play begins with Lin’s letters to her mentor Jin Yuelin (金岳霖), her lover Liang Si-cheng (梁思成), her inspiration Xu Zhi-mo, and her writer friend Bing Xin (冰心), who was a renowned female poet.

"Huiyin" was first performed in South Korea at the Daegu International Musical Festival from June 26-27, earning praise from audiences. The play will be presented in Taiwan from Nov. 12-14 at the Chinese Opera House.