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Taiwan emphasizes diversity at Frankfurt Book Fair

TAICCA to present discussion about publishing rights in Taiwan, Southeast Asia

Taiwan's pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair. (CNA, TAICCA photo)

Taiwan's pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair. (CNA, TAICCA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan emphasized diversity and tradition with a stand designed in the shape of a traditional pharmacy cupboard at the Frankfurt Book Fair, reports said Tuesday (Oct. 19).

The Frankfurter Buchmesse, which runs from Oct. 20-24, is the largest book fair in Europe and one of the largest annual publishing events in the world.

Under the theme “To Live Is To Create,” the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) will use books, movies, culture, and cuisine to present an even richer and more diverse image of Taiwan to international publishers, CNA reported.

A total of 435 Taiwanese publications are available in Frankfurt, while 71 works and a movie introducing the Taiwanese book market can be viewed online. Writers and artists of diverse backgrounds will take part in a discussion, reflecting their creative process, TAICCA said.

The Taiwan Pavilion will also provide German translations of works by three Taiwan authors and host a discussion about publication rights in the country and in Southeast Asia, according to the report.

Updated : 2022-01-20 05:08 GMT+08:00