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Acer's India, Taiwan servers hacked by same group in less than 1 week

The Desorden Group says both attacks serve to demonstrate Acer's poor data protection capabilities

(Acer photo)

(Acer photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taipei-based PC brand Acer on Monday (Oct. 18) confirmed a cyberattack on its servers in Taiwan, following a similar attack against its India office in less than a week, ZDNet reported.

The Desorden Group claimed responsibility for both attacks, saying that it had taken partial data related to employee details during a breach into Acer's servers in India on Oct. 13. The group allegedly stole over 60 GB of files and databases, according to Privacy Affairs.

The attack was said to be launched to demonstrate how vulnerable the world's leading PC brand's servers are and prove the company's poor protection of its data. The group later reached out to Acer's management as well as two media outlets to disclose and authenticate its hacking operations.

"A few other of its global networks including Malaysia and Indonesia servers are vulnerable too," Desorden warned.

Although the group did not respond to questions from ZDNet about its "end goal" with the breaches in Taiwan, there could be a painful price to pay following the attacks. According to a previous conversation with Privacy Affairs after its Indian operation, the hackers said the sensitive data of several million more Acer customers "will be released for a fee."

Acer Spokesperson Steven Chung (鐘興維) confirmed to ZDNet that the two attacks indeed occurred and that the company has immediately responded by initiating its security protocols. Customers in India who might be potentially at risk have been notified.

The attack on Taiwan's system "does not involve customer data," he added.

Earlier this year, Acer was also hit with a ransomware attack.