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Best Malaysian Whisky award winner Timah arrives in Taiwan

The tipple won over judges with its refinement, finesse, and complexity

The best water of life in Malaysia is available in Taiwan. (TIMAH photo)

The best water of life in Malaysia is available in Taiwan. (TIMAH photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)— The winner of the International Whisky Competition's Best Malaysian Whisky award, Timah, is now available in Taiwan.

The whiskey was launched officially worldwide on Oct. 7 at a virtual press conference. Winepak Corporation directors Gilbert Yeo and Kenny Yeo explained the liquor's production process, while whiskey enthusiast and YouTuber "Whiskey Folks" presented an interesting cocktail preparations program.

Timah won silver medals at both the International Spirits Challenge 2020 (ISC) and the Annual San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020 (SFWSC), according to Winepak's press release. The SFWSC judge called Timah "an outstanding spirit that displays refinement, finesse, and complexity."

The double-peated whisky is expected to win over whiskey lovers with its richness and complex flavor. The tipple is presently distributed in Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan, and will be available in more countries soon.

How to make cocktails with Timah. (YouTube video)

Updated : 2021-12-02 01:21 GMT+08:00