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Taipei woman attacked after reminding neighbor to wear a mask

The neighbor cut the woman with a box cutter and tried to gouge her eyes out with her hands

(Facebook photo)

(Facebook photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taipei woman was attacked on Friday (Oct. 15) by her neighbor with a knife after she reminded her to wear a mask in the elevator, CNA reported.

The victim, surnamed Wang (王), was riding the elevator downstairs. Her neighbor, surnamed Chen (陳), was in the same elevator.

After they exited the elevator, Chen used a box cutter to slash Wang and tried to gouge her eyes out with her hands. Wang had cuts on her face, neck, and legs, and her eyes were red and swelling, the report said. It added Wang reported the incident to police.

Though neighbors, Wang said she didn’t know Chen. She posted the story of the attack on a Facebook gossip group Sunday (Oct. 17).

She added that police arrested her attacker on suspicion of attempted murder (殺人未遂罪) and referred her Friday to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office. However, Chen was released on bail the same day, which Wang said worried her greatly.

Taipei police said Monday the city’s department of health sent medical personnel, along with police officers, to Chen's home on Friday. Afterward they sent Chen to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.