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1st fall cold front to bring mercury down to 16 C in north Taiwan

Northeast monsoon to bring cooler temperatures in north Taiwan from Saturday through Monday

1st fall cold front to bring mercury down to 16 C in north Taiwan

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The first cold front of fall is expected to arrive on Saturday (Oct. 16) causing temperatures in some parts of north Taiwan to drop as low as 16 degrees Celsius.

Weather expert Wu Der-Rong (吳德榮) said that now the remnants of Tropical Storm Kompasu have moved completely away from Taiwan, the weather will improve significantly across the country during the day. However, he said a northeast monsoon will arrive in Taiwan on Saturday evening, causing temperatures to drop substantially in north Taiwan.

Wu said that from Friday to Saturday afternoon, skies will be partly cloudy to sunny and temperatures will rise throughout the country. He cautioned that constant heavy rains in the eastern half of the country over the past several days could lead to landslides and rockfalls.

According to Wu, temperatures today will range between 23 and 33 C in northern Taiwan, 23 and 34 C in central Taiwan, 23 and 34 C in southern Taiwan, and 20 and 33 C in eastern Taiwan.

The forecaster predicted that starting from Saturday night to Monday (Oct. 18), Taiwan will witness the strongest northeast monsoon since the beginning of autumn. Wu said the temperature change in north Taiwan will be the largest, with low temperatures in open areas dropping down to 16 or 17 C, while Taipei City could see the mercury dip to 18 or 19 C.

During this period, Wu said that isolated showers are likely in northern, northeastern, and eastern Taiwan.

Wu pointed out that from Monday to Wednesday (Oct. 20), the northeast monsoon will weaken somewhat and temperatures will rise slightly, but northern Taiwan will still be relatively cooler. He forecast that on Thursday (Oct. 21), the monsoon will strengthen again, bringing rain to northern and northeastern Taiwan and large diurnal temperature fluctuations.

Updated : 2021-12-08 16:39 GMT+08:00