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Taiwan reports zero local COVID cases, 5 imported breakthrough infections

5 out of 8 of Taiwan's imported COVID cases are breakthrough infections

(Taiwan News, Yuwen Lin image)

(Taiwan News, Yuwen Lin image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) on Tuesday (Oct. 12) reported eight imported COVID-19 cases, five of which were breakthrough infections.

CECC Spokesman Chuang Jen-hsiang (莊人祥) that afternoon announced eight imported COVID cases and no local infections. The CECC did not announce any deaths, leaving the total COVID death toll at 846.

Imported cases

According to Chuang, the eight imported cases reported on Thursday include six males and two females between the ages of 10 and 40. Between Sept. 29 and Oct. 12, they entered Taiwan from the U.S. (case Nos. 16,424 and 16,425), Ukraine (case No. 16,426), United Arab Emirates (case No. 16,427), the Philippines (case Nos. 16,428, 16,430, and 16,431), and Indonesia (case No. 16,429).

Breakthrough infections

Philip Lo (羅一鈞), deputy head of the CECC’s medical response division, said that five out of the eight imported infections reported that day are classified as breakthrough cases. A breakthrough infection is defined as a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 at least 14 days after they have completed the full vaccine schedule.

Lo said that case No. 16,424, a Taiwanese woman in her 40s, had received one dose each of the AstraZeneca and Pfizer-BioNTech (BNT) COVID-19 vaccines. Case No. 16,425, a Taiwanese man in his 30s, and case No. 16,431, a Filipina in her 20s, had both received two doses of the BNT vaccine.

Case No. 16,426, a Ukrainian man in his 30s, and case No. 16,429, an Indonesian boy in his teens, had both received two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

COVID case statistics

Since the outbreak began, Taiwan has carried out 3,667,605 COVID tests, with 3,650,319 coming back negative. Out of the 16,321 confirmed cases, 1,684 were imported, 14,583 were local, 36 came from the Navy's "Goodwill Fleet," three were from a cargo pilot cluster, and one was an unresolved case.

A total of 110 people have been removed as confirmed cases, while 14 cases are still under investigation. Up until now, 846 individuals have succumbed to the disease.

Of the 834 deaths from local infections, 412 were in New Taipei, 319 in Taipei, 29 in Keelung, 27 in Taoyuan, 15 in Changhua County, 13 in Hsinchu County, five in Taichung, three in Miaoli County, two each in Yilan and Hualien counties, and one each in Hsinchu City, Nantou County, Yunlin County, Tainan City, Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County, and Taitung County. The 12 other deaths were imported cases.