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Texas Roadhouse Taiwan celebrates 7th anniversary with complimentary ribs event

Patrons with ID numbers containing 1, 0, 2, 5 get half-rack ribs with NT$900 steak purchase

Texas Roadhouse's "award-winning ribs." (Texas Roadhouse Taiwan photo)

Texas Roadhouse's "award-winning ribs." (Texas Roadhouse Taiwan photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Texas Roadhouse Taiwan announced on Wednesday (Oct. 13) that, to celebrate its seventh anniversary in the country, the restaurant chain will offer a free half-rack of ribs to parties that order a steak priced NT$900 (US$32.02) or above and provide a valid identification number containing the numbers one, zero, two, and five.

According to Texas Roadhouse Taiwan’s Facebook post, the event will take place for three weeks between Tuesday (Oct. 19) and Nov. 8. Identification numbers accepted include Unified Identification (UI) numbers, resident certificate numbers, and Taiwan or foreign passport numbers; the identification number provided must contain all four numbers to be eligible for the program.

The "award-winning ribs," usually priced at NT$690 per half-rack, is one of the chain’s popular dishes. However, the complimentary ribs will not come with side dishes.

Additionally, parties with members born within the month of October can enjoy two drinks for the price of one.

Since the announcement, dinner reservations at the chain’s Taipei and Taichung locations are full, leaving only a few noon and afternoon spots. On Facebook, some residents in other parts of Taiwan eligible for the program lamented having to miss the opportunity, while others rallied friends and family for the event.

For those who do not meet the requirements for the 7th anniversary program, Texas Roadhouse Taiwan also offers a NT$1,000 coupon for every NT$1,000 worth of Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers used Mondays through Thursday between Tuesday (Oct. 12) and Nov. 8.

Updated : 2021-10-21 12:53 GMT+08:00