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Taiwan foreign minister urges nations to defend democracy with vigilance, cooperation

Joseph Wu delivers special ministerial address at Czech Republic's Forum 2000

Foreign Minister Joseph Wu. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs photo)

Foreign Minister Joseph Wu. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (吳釗燮) spoke virtually at the 25th Forum 2000 in the Czech Republic on Tuesday (Oct. 12), calling on global democracies to protect universal values through cooperation and vigilance.

Wu delivered a special ministerial address, titled “Building Back Democratically in the Post-Pandemic Era: Promoting Cooperation and Shared Vigilance” during the last session of the conference, according to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs press release.

He mentioned that the Czech Republic had recently held elections for its Chamber of Deputies, once again successfully completing a democratic process and proving that democracy and freedom are not only the values shared by the Czech Republic and Taiwan but also form the foundation of friendship between the two countries.

The foreign minister also thanked current Czech Senate President Milos Vystrcil and former Senate President Jaroslav Kubera for their efforts to deepen bilateral relations despite coercion from China.

Wu also commented on how Lithuania, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, which are on the front line of authoritarian expansion, have been oppressed to varying degrees. He said that authoritarian countries continue to employ economic sanctions, disinformation campaigns, cyberattacks, and military harassment to undermine democratic systems and beliefs.

Democratic nations should remain vigilant and united and face challenges together, he said, adding that through cooperation and watchfulness, the global democratic community can defend universal values.