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‘Anti-Square Dancing Device’ Goes Viral in China

Irritated youngsters finally have method to halt march of China’s ‘dancing grannies’

Product photo of the "Anti-Square Dancing Device." (Taobao image)

Product photo of the "Anti-Square Dancing Device." (Taobao image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A new gadget that can zap music speakers off from a distance has gone viral on Chinese social media after a man showed in a video how the device can be used to stop square dancing in public spaces.

In the video, a resident of Jiangxi’s Yingtan City stands by his apartment window and demonstrates how one click of the "Anti-Square Dancing Device" (ASDD) can mute the speakers of a square dancing group who have gathered below his apartment, according to a report by WhatsonWeibo.

The man films the dancing ladies below before holding the ASDD up to the window, saying “and now we turn it off” as he presses a button on the device, which instantly cuts off the music below. The ladies suddenly stop twisting and start pacing back and forth along the sidewalk, trying to find out what went wrong with their music player.

(YouTube video)

Lively square dancing troupes are a common sight across China, in cities large and small. Most commonly made up of female retirees known as “dancing grannies,” the groups provide older citizens a free and easy way to keep fit and stay social, per WhatsonWeibo.

Yet some residents, such as students cramming for final exams, find the rowdy get-togethers irritating and often look for ways to limit or avoid them altogether. Since the ASDD has a range of about 50-80 meters, users can stop the music without being discovered by the dancers. Unsurprisingly, the ASDD video has become an overnight sensation among young netizens.

‘Anti-Square Dancing Device’ Goes Viral in China
"Anti-Square Dancing Device" (Taobao image)

Already e-commerce platform Taobao displays dozens of results for the ASDD, some marketed with the slogan: “Say goodbye to disturbance and have your quiet time.” Most units are sold for around US$38 (NT$1,062).

“Finally there’s a solution!” some netizens wrote.

Others said the device gives a necessary asymmetric advantage since the dancers do not typically like to be told to quiet down and often scold people who ask them to, according to reports.

Since the device works from a distance of 50-80 meters, anyone using the tool to stop the music will not easily be discovered by the dancing grannies.

In their excitement, some netizens called the ASDD a “magical object” (神器), with many saying they cannot wield its “supernatural powers.” In truth, an ASDD is just a powerful, long-distance remote control that causes interference with audio speakers, but to square dance haters, it may feel more like a wand.

Updated : 2022-01-22 02:48 GMT+08:00