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Taiwan, Canada announce joint statement on education

Two countries pledge to pursue bilateral, bilingual partnership

Taiwan and Canada flags. (Getty Images)

Taiwan and Canada flags. (Getty Images)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei (CTOT) have agreed to strengthen educational cooperation between the two nations after holding a bilingual education cooperation virtual meeting on Wednesday (Oct. 6).

Canada envoy to Taiwan, Jordan Reeves, and Li Yen-yi (李彥儀), Director of the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) International and Cross-Strait Education Department attended the conference. This was in addition to representatives of Canadian educational institutions and Taiwan's city and school officials, according to a MOFA press release.

Hsu Yu-tien (徐佑典), director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ North American Affairs Department, said he is pleased to see Taiwanese and Canadian government officials and representatives showing such a high degree of interest in bilingual cooperation. Taiwan and Canada are partners that share the same values of democracy, freedom, human rights, and the rule of law, he added.

Hsu said that as a bilingual country, Canada is the best partner to help Taiwan advance its goal of being a bilingual country by 2030. After the meeting, the MOE, MOFA, and CTOT issued a joint statement on bilingual education cooperation, demonstrating Taiwan and Canada's determination to establish a bilateral, bilingual partnership and deepen cooperation in related fields, the press release said.

The two countries pledged to promote joint educational projects, offer scholarships to university students to encourage participation in academic exchanges, and improve Taiwanese teachers’ ability “to use English as a medium of instruction to support content and language integrated learning in Taiwan’s academic institutions.”

Hsu said that the joint statement is a “steady first step” for Taiwan and Canada to deepen future bilingual cooperation.