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Taiwan-based YouTubers thriving as locals access info via videos

Over 1,500 channels have accumulated more than 100,000 subscribers

(YouTube, 'I'm Ms. Chiang' screenshot)

(YouTube, 'I'm Ms. Chiang' screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Video-sharing platform YouTube and its educational videos are grabbing more attention than usual in Taiwan.

Over 1,500 channels in Taiwan had more than 100,000 subscribers as of June, a 25% rise on a yearly basis. Among them, over 100 YouTubers were subscribed to by more than 1 million people, according to a survey published by YouTube on Wednesday (Oct. 6).

About 30% of the platform’s broadcasters whose popularity has soared since July last year focus on learning and self-improvement, sharing things not typically taught via traditional education. This shows the Google-owned platform has become a place where the masses access different kinds of knowledge, the company said.

Also rising in influence are channels with non-mainstream content from Indigenous cultures, manga, and crafts, to those made by Virtual YouTubers, or V-tubers, CNA quoted Sandy Chen (陳容歆) from YouTube as saying.

In addition, Chen observed that an increasing number of local YouTubers are engaging actively with their subscribers to gain feedback, support, inspiration, and revenue. A 25% annual surge was reported in June for the number of creators whose monthly earnings exceeded NT$100,000 (US$3,575), the survey found.