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Taiwan shipbuilder launches green container ship

CSBC ship built for Yang Ming Marine conforms to latest pollution prevention concepts

A container ship. (Pixabay photo)

A container ship. (Pixabay photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — CSBC Corporation Taiwan on Friday (Oct. 1) launched a high-load green container ship for the Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation, based on an award-winning formula.

The YM Cooperation vessel was named at a ceremony in Keelung on Friday, the Liberty Times reported. The ship is 209.75 meters long and 32.8 m wide, and can carry a maximum of 2,940 20-foot (6 m) containers.

CSBC said the design of the ship allowed more containers to be stowed in a wider variety of positions and combinations. This created more flexibility and adaptations to varied weather conditions.

YM Cooperation produces fewer carbon emissions than previous ships, while also using less fuel on its journeys, the builder said. The construction and operation of the vessel conforms to the latest environmental standards for air and water pollution, the report said.