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Ten spots to watch Double Ten Day fireworks in Taiwan’s Kaohsiung

Over 100 aerial shells will be launched at this year’s fireworks

(Kaohsiung City Government photo)

(Kaohsiung City Government photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The fireworks display for Taiwan’s National Day (Double Ten Day) will take place at Kaohsiung Harbor on Oct. 10, and the city government has announced the 10 best viewing spots in the city.

Due to the pandemic, the city government will limit the number of spectators at the main viewing area at the harbor to 20,000, and they will be chosen from a drawing, CNA reported. Applicants must register at the city government Line account between Oct. 1-4, while winners will be announced on Oct. 5.

The Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau said this year’s Double Ten Day fireworks display will feature the largest number of 12-inch, 16-inch, and larger aerial shells in the country’s history, with over 100 being used. The large-caliber shells and the panoramic view the harbor provides will ensure the show can be admired at a distance, the bureau added.

As fireworks viewing places have become a hot topic on the internet, the bureau on Sunday announced the 10 best spots around the harbor.

These include the Sizihwan Bay scenic platform, the Sizihwan Bay Visitor Center, National Sun Yat-sen University, the Shoushan Lovers' Viewing Platform, the Singuang Ferry Wharf and Riverside Park, the Hamasen Railway Cultural Park, Cijin Beach, the Cijin Maxwell Memorial Bike Path, the Cijin Ferry Station, as well as private residences.

Ten spots to watch Double Ten Day fireworks in Taiwan’s Kaohsiung
Kaohisung Harbor (Kaohsiung City Government photo)