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Surgical Lasers Market Growth Key Factor – Increasing Adoption To Treat Ophthalmic Disorders

  100, in its upcoming report titled, “Global Surgical Lasers Market Trends, Applications, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast to 2027”, offers in-depth insights, revenue details, and other vital information regarding the global surgical lasers market and the various trends, drivers, restraints, opportunities, and threats in the target market till 2027. The report also offers insightful and detailed information regarding the various key players operating in the global surgical lasers market, and their financials, apart from strategies, acquisitions & mergers, and market footprint. The global surgical lasers market report has been segmented on the basis of laser type, procedure, application, and region.

A laser is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. Lasers are used to treat bleeding blood vessels or to remove diseased tissues instead of opting for surgery. The laser beam is focused on a damaged cell and heats it up till it is destroyed without harming or damaging healthy or normal tissue. Lasers are also used to cut, vaporize, or shrink tumors so as to decrease spreading of tumor cells. In addition, laser surgery is used to seal blood vessel and close nerve endings to control blood loss and reduce postoperative pain. There are several types of laser beams, with each having a different wavelengths and application. The wavelength of the laser beam depends on the tissue to be treated and by the type of surgery to be performed.”

Growth of the global surgical lasers market is driven by increasing global population, and rising prevalence of chronic disease such as cancer, tumors, cardiovascular, and ophthalmic disorders. Technological advancements in the global surgical laser market has made surgical lasers operation nominally invasive and less time consuming as compared to other surgical procedures. In addition, surgical lasers only target the affected area and do not damage or affect other areas of the body. Furthermore, unlike the traditional surgery, laser surgery does not leave scars or require sutures post the process.

Increasing adoption of surgical lasers to treat ophthalmic disorders is fueling growth of the global surgical lasers market. Increasing number of cosmetic surgeries to remove moles, control appearance of white wrinkles, warts, and tattoos is also contributing to overall growth of global lasers market.

Despite being accepted globally, high procedural cost is a major factor hampering growth of the global surgical lasers market. Safety concerns regarding laser procedures among patients is another factor impacting growth of global surgical lasers market.

North America dominates the global surgical lasers market in terms of revenue and is projected to maintain its dominance during the forecast period, followed by Europe. Availability of technologically advanced laser surgery machines, medical reimbursement schemes for patients are factors driving growth of the surgical lasers market in North America. Among the various regional markets, Asia Pacific is expected to register rapid growth in surgical lasers market owing to increasing awareness among healthcare professionals regarding the procedural benefits of performing laser surgery over the traditional surgery procedure.

Global Surgical Lasers Market Segmentation:

Segmentation on basis of laser type:

Carbon Dioxide
Diode Lasers

Segmentation on basis of procedure:


Segmentation on basis of application


Region-wise segmentation:

North America
Asia Pacific
Latin America
Middle East & Africa

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Key Players:

Cynosure Inc.
Abbott Laboratories, Inc.
Boston Scientific Corporation
Spectranetics Corporation
Biolitec AG
Alma lasers
Sharp light Technology
Syneron Medical Ltd.