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New Taipei kindergarten Delta cluster climbs to 33 cases

Latest case tested positive after developing symptoms following quarantine



TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — New Taipei City on Wednesday (Sept. 15) announced another case tied to a cluster infection involving the Delta variant of COVID-19 and centered on a kindergarten, bringing the total to 33.

On Wednesday evening, the New Taipei City Department of Health announced that another person linked to the cluster infection associated with a kindergarten in Banqiao District had tested positive on a PCR test after experiencing symptoms of the virus. The test results of contacts listed for the case have come back negative, but the epidemiological investigation is still being expanded, with further details to be announced by the city and Central Epidemic Command Center on Thursday (Sept. 16).

The health department stated that it was notified that evening that the new kindergarten cluster case had tested positive after experiencing symptoms following quarantine and during their self-health monitoring period. The department said it immediately initiated a preliminary investigation and found that the case had stayed home during self-health monitoring and not gone out.

Family members of the case were immediately contacted, and arrangements were made for them to undergo coronavirus testing. Each of their test results came back negative that evening.

However, the health department vowed to "not take the incident lightly" and will expand its contact tracing efforts and implement epidemic prevention measures. As for media reports that the confirmed case is the owner of the kindergarten, the health department would not comment on the identity of the individual or the dates they were in quarantine but stated it would provide more information the next day.

Updated : 2021-10-23 19:59 GMT+08:00