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Dotz Nano Signs Distribution Agreement with Paraguay's El Alamo SA for Its COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Kits


Melbourne, Australia - Newsfile Corp. - September 15, 2021 - Dotz Nano Limited (ASX: DTZ) ("Dotz" or the "Company"), an advanced materials company specializing in tracing, authentication and diagnostics solutions, has recently announced the signing of a distribution agreement with El Alamo SA for its Dotz Test Kits. El Alamo SA is an ISO-9001 certified supplier of diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and medical products with strategic ties to laboratories and suppliers worldwide. With an initial purchase order of $220,000, the distribution agreement grants El Alamo the conditionally exclusive right to promote, sell, and distribute Dotz's SARS-CoV-2 virus diagnostics kits in Paraguay.

Dotz's second distribution agreement for its diagnostic test kits follows on the heels of a new, more aggressive global spike in infections fueled by the Delta-variant of the COVID-19 virus. As nations worldwide grapple with prospects of renewed economic shutdowns, the Dotz Test Kit offers a rapid and mass testing solution designed to significantly streamline the diagnostic process. With the capacity to test hundreds of samples per device in under 30 minutes, Dotz's diagnostic technology has a wide range of potential applications, from testing passengers disembarking commercial airline passengers to keeping schools and workplaces open and safe. By facilitating rapid testing en-masse, the Test Kits provide a viable solution for relieving pressure on public and private health systems that are struggling to keep up with skyrocketing rates of infection unseen since the height of the pandemic.

The distribution agreement signed with El Alamo SA extends for an initial two-year period, contingent on the fact that minimum annual purchase orders, valued at approximately US$200,000 in 2021 and at least US$420,000 in 2022 and 2023, are met. Dotz is to receive $80,000 of the initial purchase order prior to delivery, and in subsequent orders 50% will be paid up-front, with the remainder paid prior to delivery. Further specified in the agreement is the automatic renewal of the distribution agreement for additional one year periods on a non-exclusive basis, reflective of both parties' long-term outlook.

Dotz has successfully received a Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) in Paraguay for both its nasopharyngeal swab and saliva-based test kits, clearing the product for sale to the public and private sectors in the country. Dotz Test Kits have additionally been granted CE Mark Authorization from the European Union, thereby enabling future opportunities for commercial inroads into the Eurozone. Following a successful blind clinical trial for its nasopharyngeal swab test kits in the US conducted in April 2021, Dotz has also applied for Emergency Use Authorisation from the FDA and is currently awaiting approval from US authorities.

These regulatory benchmarks follow a five-year non-exclusive manufacturing agreement Dotz recently concluded with Systaaq Diagnostic Products, based in Virginia, USA, for the production of its diagnostic test kits in compliance with FDA and EU regulations. On the basis of these regulatory and commercial achievements, Dotz Test Kits are on track to play an important role in the worldwide push to ramp-up testing efforts as ever-more infectious strains of the COVID-19 virus emerge, spread, and threaten to remain for the long-run.

In July 2021, Dotz signed its first commercial order for its COVID-19 diagnostics kit with Hygiene Links for distribution in the UAE, Egypt, and Sudan with an initial purchase order of $2.1 million. Considered alongside its most recent agreement with El Alamo SA for distribution in Paraguay, these two deals evidence the Company's commitment to bolstering the diagnostic and public health infrastructure of developing nations that, to date, have struggled to obtain sufficient COVID-19 vaccinations for their populations. Moreover, the conclusion of these two deals are an encouraging sign that Dotz is successfully bringing its diagnostic test kits to markets-in-need at a crucial moment in the global struggle against COVID-19.

Dotz Chairman and Interim CEO Bernie Brookes echoed this sentiment, commenting: "In line with our long term growth strategy, we continue to commercialise our SARS-CoV-2 virus detection technology. Our second distribution agreement within the diagnostic domain cost-effectively increases our global target market while providing public and private facilities with access to an effective and timely testing method."

About Dotz

Dotz Nano Limited (ASX: DTZ) is a technology leader in research, production and marketing of anti-counterfeiting, authentication and tracing solutions. Since the onset of the global pandemic, the Company has expanded its technological portfolio to include a number of groundbreaking COVID-19 solutions. Its unique products ValiDotz, BioDotz, Fluorensic and InSpec are exceptional solutions for numerous applications that range from bio-imaging, liquids tagging, lubricants and DEF authentication, polymers tagging, anti-counterfeiting, oil/gas, and brand/reputation protection.

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About El Alamo SA

Incorporated in 1997, privately owned and based in Asunción, Paraguay, El Alamo SA is the representative and strategic ally of leading laboratories worldwide, and has more than five decades of successful commercial history. El Alamo has been dedicated to importing, dividing, packaging and distributing internationally prestigious products for the development of human health. El Alamo's mission is to offer Paraguay products made with the highest quality and technology to continue improving people's lives. For more information visit the El Alamo website:

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Dotz Nano Signs Distribution Agreement with Paraguay's El Alamo SA for Its COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Kits