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Taiwan thanks Switzerland’s National Council for motion of support

Swiss legislators recognize shared values of human rights, democracy, economic freedoms

Switzerland's parliament in Bern (Wikicommons, Ank Kumar photo). 

Switzerland's parliament in Bern (Wikicommons, Ank Kumar photo). 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on Wednesday (Sept. 15) thanked Switzerland’s lower house of parliament for adopting a motion calling for improved economic relations with Taiwan.

The 200-member National Council approved the motion by an overwhelming majority on Tuesday (Sept. 14), asking the federal government to present a report on how to deepen ties with the East Asian nation in the fields of trade, politics, science, and culture, CNA reported.

A key backer of the motion, Nicolas Walder, described Taiwan as a “partner state with which we share democracy, respect for human rights, and a liberal economic order.” A total of 129 legislators voted in favor, 43 against, and five abstained, the Liberty Times reported.

In Taipei, MOFA said it welcomed the motion and would continue to promote bilateral cooperation with Switzerland on a range of issues for the benefit of both countries. Last year, the two signed an extradition agreement, and MOFA emphasized future exchanges in healthcare, air transport, taxation, culture, and education.

Updated : 2021-09-26 17:53 GMT+08:00