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Conch-shaped Hakka cultural center to open at northern Taiwan port

Yong An Conch Culture Park combines sea and Hakka culture, offers semi-outdoors deck for viewing sunset

Simulated image of the Yong An Conch Culture Park. (Taoyuan City Government photo)

Simulated image of the Yong An Conch Culture Park. (Taoyuan City Government photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The new Yong An Conch Culture Park, a building with a conch-shape design located in Taoyuan’s Xinwu District, will open in November.

According to the Taoyuan City Government, the building also features a semi-outdoor viewing deck on the upper level that will allow tourists to view the sunset at Yong An Port, as well as an exhibition space, food vendors, offices, and conference rooms. A large open space in front of the building that serves as a place for tourists to stroll and relax may also be used for large events, reported UDN on Tuesday (Sept. 14).

Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan (鄭文燦) said the government aims to introduce more elements of Hakka culture at the Yong An Port in order to attract young tourists. In addition to the unique architecture of the cultural park and traditional cultural features such as the Taiwanese beach seine, conch blowing, and stone fish weirs, there is also a blue-white "Sea-Viewing Bridge” at the port connecting the north and south banks.

Construction for the park began in November 2018. The pillarless, curved roof design added to the challenge of construction and required eight months to build.

The total budget for the project was NT$450 million (US$16.25 million), which was partly supported by the Hakka Affairs Council.

Hakka Affairs Council Minister Yiong Con-ziin (楊長鎮) was quoted by the Taoyuan City Government as saying that the cultural park is part of a joint project between the two entities to promote Hakka culture within Taoyuan. The two other parts of the project, aside from the Yong An Conch Culture Park, include the 1895 Yiwei Taiwan Defense Memorial Park and the Taiwan Hakka Tea Culture Center.

Updated : 2021-09-21 11:36 GMT+08:00