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Taipei McDonald's closes after worker tests positive for COVID

McDonald's on Linsen North Road closed for 3 days, indoor dining off-limits until Sept. 26

Entrance to McDonald's on Linsen North Road. 

Entrance to McDonald's on Linsen North Road.  (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A McDonald's in the heart of Taipei on Sunday (Sept. 12) said it had closed one of its branches after an employee tested positive for COVID-19.

On Sunday afternoon, McDonald's announced that a female employee at its branch on the corner of Linsen North Road and Jinzhou Street in Zhongshan District had been confirmed to have COVID-19 the previous evening, reported CNA. The fast-food chain said that it had immediately evacuated all customers and closed the store to carry out disinfection.

The health department said that day that case No. 16,198 is a resident of Taipei's Wanhua District but works at a restaurant in Zhongshan district. It is now conducting an epidemiological investigation to clarify the source of the infection and identify contacts.

Taipei McDonald's closes after worker tests positive for COVID
Outside front entrance to McDonald's on Linsen North Road. (Google Maps image)

McDonald's stated that it will halt operations at the restaurant for three days to conduct disinfection. Once business resumes, it will not allow indoor dining until Sept. 26.

The American restaurant chain emphasized that thorough disinfection had been implemented at the eatery and that all staff have cooperated with the epidemiological investigation and are undergoing self-health monitoring to ensure workplace safety and the health of employees.

Regarding the case, Taipei Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan (黃珊珊) stated on Facebook that the case had a Ct value of 37. Huang said this high Ct value could indicate there are still undetected cases in the community, adding that contact tracing is underway.

Taipei McDonald's closes after worker tests positive for COVID
Benches flipped over and placed on tables at McDonald's branch on Linsen North Road. (Taiwan News photo)

The cycle threshold (Ct) value refers to the number of cycles the fluorescence of the PCR test is detectable. The higher the number, the longer the virus has gone undetected, while the lower the number, the more recent the infection occurred and therefore the higher the viral load.

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