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Mountain huts, trails in Taiwan’s Taroko set to reopen

More than 2,000 hiking groups have applied for trails and mountain cabins in Taroko National Park

(Taroko National Park photo)

(Taroko National Park photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taroko National Park Headquarters (TNPH) on Wednesday (Sept. 8) announced that mountain cabins and hiking trails that have been closed due to the pandemic will reopen with reduced capacities from Friday (Sept. 10).

Considering the need for social distancing, TNPH said that mountain huts will reopen with one third of their original accommodation capacity, while hiking trails in ecological protection areas such as Zhuilu Old Trail will reopen at 50% of their weekday capacities, CNA reported.

Trails without set capacities will accept 50 applicants daily. According to Taroko National Park official Nei Shih-chao (聶士詔), the amount of applicants allowed to take a certain route includes the number of applicants allowed on the route, plus the number allowed for cabins along the route.

Taking Mount Nanhu as an example, Nei said the reduced number of applicants allowed for the route is 30, and the reduced number of applicants for Yuleng Cabin on the trail is 18. This means a daily total of 48 people are allowed on the route.

The park administration pointed out that hiking trails and mountain cabins in the national park are open for applications two months in advance. Currently more than 2,000 hiking groups comprising more than 10,000 people have submitted their applications, per CNA. To apply, please click here.

Updated : 2021-09-28 06:48 GMT+08:00