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19 Chinese military planes intrude into Taiwan's ADIZ

Expert says J-16D electronic warfare aircraft could be in mix

Shenyang J-16 fighter jets. (, photo)

Shenyang J-16 fighter jets. (, photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Over a dozen Chinese fighter jets, four bombers, and one surveillance aircraft intruded into Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Sunday (Sept. 5), possibly including the new J-16D electronic warfare aircraft.

On Sunday, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) reported that 10 Shenyang J-16 fighter jets, four Xian H-6 bombers, four SU-30 fighters, and one Shaanxi Y-8 anti-submarine warfare plane (Y-8 ASW) had penetrated into the southwestern corner of the ADIZ.

Taiwan's Air Force responded by scrambling fighter jets to drive the planes away, broadcasting radio warnings, and tracking the aircraft with land-based anti-aircraft missiles. Sunday marked the third consecutive day that the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) had dispatched two or more aircraft into the zone, with four planes deployed on both Friday and Saturday (Sept. 3-4).

Taiwanese scholar Su Tzu-yun (蘇紫雲) was cited by CNA as saying that the military should monitor for the possible inclusion of the new J-16D, which is designed for electronic warfare. Su said that the J-16D is believed to have capabilities similar to the Boeing EA-18G Growler in that it can suppress ground and sea air defense systems and jam radar systems.

The largest incursion by PLAAF aircraft into Taiwan's ADIZ on record occurred on June 15, when a total of 28 military planes entered the southern end of the zone, including one Y-8 anti-submarine warfare plane, four H-6 bombers, one Y-8 electronic warfare aircraft, two Shaanxi KJ-500 airborne early warning and control aircraft, 14 J-16 fighters, and six J-11s.

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