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Video shows Taiwanese man ride jet-powered bicycle

Jet-powered bicycle speeds at over 130 kph in southern Taiwan

(YouTube, Soar Tseng screenshot)

(YouTube, Soar Tseng screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taiwanese man has realized his childhood dream by roaring down the road with a jet engine strapped to the back of his bicycle.

A 37-year-old resident of Tainan surnamed Wang (王) purchased a jet engine designed for radio-controlled (RC) aircraft and asked a university professor to design a frame to attach the engine to his bicycle, reported UDN. During a trial run a few days ago, the contraption hurtled down the road and surged to a speed of 133 kilometers per hour within a mere 30 seconds.

The video of the test run quickly went viral on the internet. Wang was cited by the newspaper as saying "I was shocked" and that even he did not expect the bike to go so fast.

However, his experiment soon caught the attention of Tainan police. Police issued Wang a warning for potentially violating Articles 12, 72, and 119 of the Regulations Governing Road Traffic Safety (道路交通安全規則).

Wang's modifications are reportedly giving police a headache because there are few specifics with regard to traffic regulations involving bicycle modification. Wang's test run was not on a major road, and it appears that it was carried out when traffic was at a minimum.

Video shows Taiwanese man ride jet-powered bicycle
Wang with his creation. (Reader photo)

Although Wang has been cooperative with the police, they are concerned that others may try to imitate him, endangering traffic safety. Therefore, police have given Wang seven days to address their concerns and ensure his vehicle meets current laws and regulations.

Wang said that since he was a child, he had always wanted to have an RC airplane. When he became an adult and had the financial means, he decided to add a twist by attaching an RC jet engine to a bicycle.

He researched similar vehicles online and selected a bike with a carbon fiber frame and wheels that could withstand high speeds. Wang's biggest expenditures for the project, which took three weeks to complete, were NT$180,000 for the jet engine and NT$150,000 for the high-end ROXYCLE road bike.

He attached a water bottle to the bike that could contain 700 cubic centimeters of fuel, but because the engine eats up about 1,100 mililiters of fuel per minute, it could only run 30 seconds. Nevertheless, he was able to achieve the top speed of 133 kph.

His friend helped shoot video of the test run and posted it on Facebook, where it quickly went viral. Wang said that it was not until the police came knocking on his door that he realized what he had done might have been illegal.

As his greatest concern was that the bike would be impounded, he immediately removed the engine.

Updated : 2021-09-24 21:32 GMT+08:00