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Whereabouts of Chinese celeb Zhao Wei's daughter unknown

Zhao reportedly dares not leave China as daughter's whereabouts in Hong Kong remain unknown

Zhao Wei (left), Huang Xing. (Weibo photos)

Zhao Wei (left), Huang Xing. (Weibo photos)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Like her mother, the whereabouts of the daughter of billionaire Chinese actress Zhao Wei (趙薇, Vicky Zhao) is unknown, with the last sighting in Hong Kong.

Last week, Zhao's name and likeness were suddenly scrubbed from Chinese online streaming sites and social media pages. No official government explanation has been given, leading to speculation that she had fallen out of favor with Beijing for links to a fallen communist party chief, ties to an "unpatriotic" actor, hiring a Taiwanese actor in 2016, or for a 20-year-old photo of her wearing a dress with a Japanese naval flag.

Zhao has completely disappeared from public view, with initial rumors swirling that she had flown to her chateau in France's Bordeaux with her husband. However, on Sunday (Aug. 29), she posted an image of a doll on her Instagram account and cryptically wrote that she was "enjoying chatting together" with her parents.

Netizens speculated that this meant she was in Beijing because her parents have a home there. Zhao then allegedly posted a comment below claiming she was in the capital city, before quickly deleting all posts.

Zhao's 11-year-old daughter Huang Xing (黃新) has also not been seen in public over the same time period. Huang reportedly studies at the Singapore International School in Hong Kong but has disappeared in recent days.

Zhao has not posted photos or made any mention of her daughter since the sudden crackdown on her public image. Hong Kong media outlets are reporting that Zhao dare not leave China because she does not know the whereabouts of her daughter.

Updated : 2021-09-20 03:50 GMT+08:00