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MOFA's Taiwan short film contest offering biggest cash prizes yet

2021 Trending Taiwan competition now taking submissions

Winning film. (YouTube, Trending Taiwan screenshot)

Winning film. (YouTube, Trending Taiwan screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The annual short film competition Trending Taiwan (全民潮臺灣) is here again, with more prizes for those with a keen eye for uncovering different sides of the country.

Organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), this year's contest comprises two categories: “brand story” and “creative.” While “creative” focuses on showcasing the unique cultures of Taiwan, “brand story” seeks to celebrate the intrinsic values and diverse narratives of the country.

The sixth edition of the competition promises a total of NT$930,000 (US$33,553) in cash prizes, the highest amount ever. Winners of the top prizes in the “creative” and “brand story” categories will be rewarded with NT$200,000 and NT$150,000, respectively.

Filmmakers of all nationalities are invited to participate in the competition, which runs until Oct. 16. Entries will be scored based on the creativity of the script, the central theme, narrative skills, and technical aspects.

Winning works will be made available for viewing on MOFA's YouTube channel “Trending Taiwan” and promoted via the ministry’s social media platforms. The event has attracted some 800 films since its inception in 2015, of which 78 have been recognized.

Visit the Trending Taiwan website to learn more.

Check out the winner of last year's top prize:

Updated : 2021-09-27 01:53 GMT+08:00